Midsummer Drivin' ~~~ by Toshiki Kadomatsu

the LIVE "Midsummer Drivin',,
I've never seen this song in his concert before on U-TUBE~~!!
What a nice shot~~~

also...check the below

Rock Island Rocket, OSHI-TAO-SHITAI, Midsummer Drivin'

(You can check the album Track
OSHI-TAO-SHITAI & Midsummer Drivin'
on the "Sea is a Lady"
and don't forget the "Fusion Paradise"~~~~)


Have you ever heard "もも色の雲"??
I don't know the story exactly about it..
maybe a private "Pet-Detective" Kadomatsu??^^

This is from special 8th dvd
on the TOSHIKI KADOMATSU The Traces of 1998~2006~~!

Have a NICE Weekend everyone~~~(^_______^)