VA - [2003] One Nation - Japanese Artists Remixed & Produced By Incognito

same as the album title,
J-Artist's song remixes produced by Incognito,

included my favorite Eternal classic
"真夜中のドア~Stay With Me",,
by Miki Matsubara & the composer Tetsuji Hayashi.


VA - [2003] One Nation - Japanese Artists Remixed & Produced By Incognito


01. Jean Paul Maunick - Master Plan (prelude to the remix)
02. Miki Matsubara - 真夜中のドア~Stay With Me (more bounce to the ounce mix)
03. M-Flo - Come Again (dance eternal mix)
04. Miho Hatori - Life (hands up in the air mix)
05. Pushim - Heavenly (soul crusaders mix)
06. Kirinji - Aliens (groove encounters mix)
07. Fantastic Plastic Machine - Beautiful Days (dan's uplifting beats mix)
08. Shimano Momoe - Hot Glamour (blue bossa mix)
09. Miho Karasawa - Ethology (rio love affair mix)
10. Bonnie Pink - Awani Natta (summer cruisin' mix)
11. AK Note feat Akiko Kohara - Out Of The Blue (original full mix)
12. Orange Pekoe - Happy Valley (churchez la dance mix)
13. Neo - Kissing You (sunshower mix)
14. Original Love - Primal (parisian sun down mix)

Miki Matsubara - 真夜中のドア~Stay With Me





Nice Collection of the CITY-POP or J-AOR

included EPO, Hiroshi Sato, Taeko Onuki,
and many artists posted on the FW2.0 before~~~!

All Thanks to anonymous member of the forum E.T.
(이토 회원님께 갚은 감사를....)




Disc - 1

01. SHADOW CITY / 寺尾 聰
02. 都会 / 大貫妙子 Taeko Onuki
03. Still I Love You / 安部恭弘
04. 誰より好きなのに / 古内東子
05. 接吻 / オリジナル・ラブ
06. 夜風のインフォメーション / 濱田金吾 Kingo Hamada
07. Candy / 具島直子 Naoko Gushima
08. エイリアンズ / キリンジ
09. MADONNA 49 / 片寄明人
10. こぬか雨 / 伊藤銀次
11. My Spinning Wheel / DOOPEES
12. SAY GOODBYE / 佐藤博 Hiroshi Sato
13. 朝のドライブ / EPO
14. Moonriders - Studio Musician
15. 頬に夜の灯 / 吉田美奈子


Disc - 2

01. ONO / GREAT3
02. December Song / 加藤和彦 Kazuhiko Kato
04. Diary / 佐橋佳幸
05. ベステン ダンク / 高野寛
06. FLYING SANTA CLAUS / 村田和人 Kazuhito Murata
07. Be Yourself / LOGIC SYSTEM
08. My Eye's On You / SING LIKE TALKING
10. 新しい風 / 岩下清香
11. 一人のままで - There's No Shoulder - / 稲垣潤一 Junichi Inagaki
12. 摩天楼ブルース / 山本達彦 Tatsuhiko Yamamoto
13. テールライト / 桐ヶ谷仁
14. Fascination / 門あさ美
15. Reach Out / 彩恵津子
16. Saravah! / 高橋幸宏 Yukihiro Takahashi



Midsummer Drivin' ~~~ by Toshiki Kadomatsu

the LIVE "Midsummer Drivin',,
I've never seen this song in his concert before on U-TUBE~~!!
What a nice shot~~~

also...check the below

Rock Island Rocket, OSHI-TAO-SHITAI, Midsummer Drivin'

(You can check the album Track
OSHI-TAO-SHITAI & Midsummer Drivin'
on the "Sea is a Lady"
and don't forget the "Fusion Paradise"~~~~)


Have you ever heard "もも色の雲"??
I don't know the story exactly about it..
maybe a private "Pet-Detective" Kadomatsu??^^

This is from special 8th dvd
on the TOSHIKI KADOMATSU The Traces of 1998~2006~~!

Have a NICE Weekend everyone~~~(^_______^)



[NEW K-POP-TROT] 진해성 Jin HaeSeong - "멋진 여자 Cool Lady"

(NOT Fen,,, but... the Korean singer 진해성 Jin HaeSeong
맹구 사진 아님...가수 진해성님 입니다~~!!)


So Lo~~~ong time,,
it's too much too much long time no see everyone~~~
How are you all...my friends & guests~~
I just hope you all had or have the Happy Everydays all the time~~!

Maybe I'll Re-START music posting again sooner or later,,
so.. please don't forget me... and..
check this blog out again ~~ Thank you very much~~!!

간만에 돌아 왔습니다요...^^
그간 모두 안녕하셧죠~~ 우리끼리는 말이 필요없죠?? ^^
조만간 다시 시작하렵니다...기둘려 주세요...^^

Let me introduce Korean-Pop Singer
(especially in the Genre Korean-TROT)

진해성 (Jin, Hae-Seong),
first debut in 2012 with his song & album title "내사랑 받아줘",

Here is Brand-New song "멋진 여자 (Cool Lady)"
in the album "러브♡ (LOVE♡)" 2016.

Check this Music Video 멋진 여자 (Cool Lady) below,,
with Special Guest "은하 Eun-Ha"
in the K-Idol Group "여자친구 GFRIEND".

요즘 제가 빠져있는 가수 진해성의 멋진여자 뮤비 입니다~~~!!

진해성 Jin HaeSeong - 멋진 여자 (Cool Lady)

(maybe he wanna make the new TROT sensation
among the hundreds old-style K-TROT,

Here is something New-feeling,, more fresh,,
more humorous,,,with Korean-Retro styles,,,
as you watch the Scene on the MV,,
That's the almost real 60's ~ 70's Korean Street,,

I LOVE this MV & Retro~~~!!^______^)

재치있고 유머도 드가고.. 은하도 예쁘고~~~
무엇보다도... 노래를 잘하는 가수 입니다..


also check the another song of my favorite in this album,,
"사랑의 영도다리 Love Bridge Young-Do"

More traditional-Trot styles,,,than Cool Lady,,
I hope this song will be the 2nd Super-Hit someday~~~!!

영도다리는 오리지날 트로트 스타일 인데요..
느낌이 매우 좋습니다..

You can see more 진해성 Jin HaeSeong's HIT songs
on the U-TUBE
,,check it out~~~^______^


I'm just the new fan of him Mr Jin,,
and... was really hooked up for the first time
by the 추억의 소야곡 above,,
(same as the Toshiki Kadomatsu's Take you to the sky high
,,,many years ago^^
어머니 하고 가요무대 보다가 요노래에서 빵터진후..
진해성이 누구냐고 찾아보다가 왕팬이 되었습니다..
노래실력 자체는 검증 되었다고 봐야죠..)

and....... I'll be happy that..
Please Leave comment how do you feel about his songs,,
especially the new song "Cool Lady",,

anyway anyway...^^
It's so long time again.. with blog posting here in FW 3.0~~

Let's make it happen again
just like before golden-ages with various Fusion Musics,,
I believe K-TROT is another FUSION~~~!!

Thank you all & See U SOON~~~~~

카도마츠에 빠진것처럼...진해성 이라는 가수분에게
요즘 마음을 뺐겻다고나 할까요..^^

여러 분들께 이런 멋진가수가 있다는걸
보여드리고 싶어서 글 올리게 되었습니다..

어떻게 들으셧는지... 감상평 남겨주시면
너무너무 감사하겠습니다..

오랜만에 포스팅하니 낯설기도 하고 그러네요...
조만간에 다시 본격적으로 시작해볼까합니다,

여름이죠 6월에 이정도 더위면??
올여름도 부디 시원하게 즐겁게 보내시길 바랍니다..

곧 돌아오겠습니다~~~ 감사합니다~~~~!!