[Re-Posted] Yuji Ohno, YOU & EXPLOSION BAND - [2005] MADE IN Y.O.

[Re-Posted] FLAC to MP3 ★★★★★

Excellent Collection "MADE in Y.O."

Tracks are ALL "NEW Recording Version"~~!!
(NOT the Original)

performed by Yuji Ohno himself & his Explosion Band.

Scans included,,, check this out~~!


Yuji Ohno, YOU & EXPLOSION BAND - [2005] MADE IN Y.O. (+Scans)

Disc - 1 (or MEGA)

01. LUPIN 三世のtheme '80 (2005 version)
02. 戦士の休息 (Movie 野性の証明 theme)
03. Misty Twilight (CF song "Jane More")
04. Love Squall (feat.DOUBLE) (LUPIN 三世 theme)
05. ROUTE 246 (from Yuji Ohno album "Full Course")
06. 愛のBallad (feat.上妻宏光) (movie 犬神家の一族 theme)
07. THE MARINE EXPRESS (TV Anime 海底超特急 Marine Express 主題歌)
08. 最も危険な遊戯 main theme
09. マー姉ちゃん (NHK TV "マー姉ちゃん" Theme)
10. Made In Y.O. 1(New Song)
11. Made In Y.O. 2
12. Made In Y.O. 3


Disc - 2 (or MEGA)

01. Secret Desire (feat. Circus) (Ending theme of "Space Cobra" TV Anime)
02. 大追跡のtheme (TV Drama 大追跡 主題曲)
03. 夢の舟乗り (Anime "Caprain Future" 主題歌)
04. Crystal Love (from Yuji Ohno album "SPACE KID")
05. 人間の証明のTheme (feat. Tommy Snyder) (from Movie "人間の証明")
06. 炎のたからもの (Movie "LUPIN 三世 ~Cagliostroの城~" 主題歌)
07. 小さな旅 (NHK "小さな旅" 主題曲)
08. 水もれ甲介 (TV Drama "水もれ甲介" 主題曲)
09. Jiggy Beans (New Song)
10. LOVE SAVES THE EARTH (TV "24時間TV" theme)


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